A Hairstyle Says A Lot About You

Let’s see whats the symbolism behind haircuts. What's length of your hair?

In short, Short hair says that you have no time for drying or styling. It’s practical and suited to a daily routine. Short hair is common for outgoing and sporty women who are often self-confident and like to act hastily.

Women with Bob (chin-length) hairstyles are impossible to pigeonhole. On the one hand, they are very down-to-earth and reliable, but on the other, they are also spontaneous and very open to new experiences.

Women with shoulder-length (medium) haircuts are very content with their elegant and feminine effect on others. They are often the center of a swarm of men and their natural beauty always draws admiring looks.

Women with long hair prefer long-term relationships and are true to their partners. When it comes to choosing a partner, they are very selective and have high expectations. But they put their whole heart into it once they have found “Mr. Right.”