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Top 6 Short Hairstyles For Winter – 2020

Who says short hair can’t be feminine? Short hair is common for outgoing and sporty women who are often self-confident and like to act hastily. These ladies prove just the opposite!

“Because people have been without their hairdressers for so long and their hair’s taken on a shape and length that they didn’t necessarily choose, I’ve noticed clients have been much more open to change,” confessed top hairstylist Luke Hersheson. “There’s been quite a lot of embracing more drastic styles,” he adds.

Are you open to drastic change this winter? I guess that you will at least consider the change after seeing these short hairstyles.

Slick Behind The Ear


Slick behind the ear – naughty strands are easiest to restrain with a little nail polish and tiny laces, which will make you look elegant.

Sleek hair slicked behind the ears is a great look that complements all different hair lengths and shapes of gowns.

Hacked Bob


Bob hairstyle has been famous for several seasons, and this winter, opt for a hacked! While considering a Bob hairstyle, I would recommend reading what Bob hairstyle says about your personality.

Curly Bob


You can always visually “shorten” your long bob. Make light curls on the edges, and you have a glamorous edition.

Fully Slicked Hair


If you are bold enough, lick your hair fully back and fix it with hairspray. Fully slicked hair will open your face bring your eyes to full expression.

Tousled Pixie


If you like something that is more than a simple and combed hairstyle, certainly consider a pixie hairstyle in which one side will raise high in the air and let the strands to fall down without any specific plan.

Classic Pixie


Classic pixie short boy’s hairstyle looks very sexy and elegant, and more and more women are opting for it.

I hope you like my carefully picks hairstyles. Anyway, I love all kinds of Bob hairstyles and what Bob hairstyle says about my personality makes perfect sense. ‘Till next time!

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This post was published on September 5, 2020 8:06 pm

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